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Digital Business Model is at the heart of renewed competitiveness

Business Model is likely the greatest digital challenge. It’s embedded in company DNA, hard to change. It’s the main battlefront of disruptive competitors. And no one is clearly in charge of re-designing it. But once decision to change is made, the most challenging is to be bold enough. It’s about digitizing the existing and to add new digital services to anticipate where disruption will be


New Usages imply New Interactive Offerings

New offerings are a key in the digital agenda, and so is related innovation. First principle is to favour decentralized innovation as Lines of Business have the deepest understanding of market dynamics, so what’s desired. Then they need to have a dedicated and agile environment to concentrate on new ideas and to design fast risk-limited prototypes. And open innovation and crowdsourcing can dramatically amplify internal innovative thinking.


New Customers Experiences

Customers don’t want to own products any more but want to optimize usage of services. “Everything as a Service” is forcing product centric companies to completely review their offerings in that perspective, in particular around delivery and revenue models. But it also impacts customer engagement as sales isn’t finished when customers buy, it’s an on going relationship based on service subscription renewals

How Do We Stand Apart ?

Our unmatched Business and Technology expertise empowers customers to re-imagine their future through structured innovation and act flawlessly on their transformations with our Open Community


We have high management experience in leading high-tech firms, but also venture funds and start-ups so we understand the whole ecosystem dynamics. A key part of our corporate life has been in Strategy and Business Development, operating and living in Europe, USA, Russia, South-East Asia and China. Our standards are those of the High-tech industry, characterized by velocity, waves of disruptive innovations and extreme competition.

Digital Technology DNA

We’ve grown and lived with Software, Hardware and IT services, both in B2B and B2C markets. So we offer the rare combination of business and technological expertise. It’s a particular strength when digital transformation requires re-imaging the business around a data-driven platform, and quickly building prototypes. Many principles, as Agile Development and  Test & Learn under rapid iterations are based on well-mastered IT best practices

Hand-Picked EXPERTS

Strong believers and practitioners of collaborative work, we operate an Open Consulting firm based on a rich ecosystem of selected digital experts. We strongly believe it’s the best way to address multi-dimensional needs with the best level of expertise, speed and budget. Under ever growing complexity, we offer digital expertise for different Lines of Business, Industries and IT technologies with a specific focus on innovation capabilities.

The star of previous era is often the last one to adapt to change and to yield to logic of a strategic inflection point.

Only the paranoid survive.

– Andrew Grove