Coworking 2


The sharing economy has reached maturity. While quickly expanding every days it has open the path to new business engagement dimensions where the peer-to-peer network is generating more powerful, sizable and accurate value than could come from isolated teams behind their Chinese walls. The traditional static Value Chain model is challenged by quickly recomposed P2P digital ecosystems to quickly respond to fast evolving market demands in new multi-generational customer landscapes.

Real time agile interactions with the “Crowd” generate new and instant values within accelerated and shorter time cycles, challenging and offsetting what protected the incumbent models. This is a proven reality highlighted by the success of Crowdsourcing, Crowdfunding, etc …

Facing this new world, companies that won’t adapt and innovate, to capture new opportunities, will die. Innovation is all about connections between ideas, insights and people. The key to these connections is the community that brings together companies and domains experts who intimately understand the business problems with the innovative problem solvers who want to and create a solution. 

Our boundaryless Open Innovation community, acting as a virtual interactive think tank, is fostering new approaches, capture and analyses new trends within various Industries and technology landscapes, to the benefits of the Community.

As such DIGITURNS, while leveraging its unique Digital Transformation Framework, is able to quickly line up and orchestrate a subset of its P2P network dedicated to your specific needs to help you create value in all dimension of the new Digital Economy. To name a few:

  1. Train your team to our end-to-end Digital Transformation framework
  2. Generate new Innovative offerings though our Open Innovation network and our agile and lean startup “Innovation booster”
  3. Design, test and develop new Digital operating models / distribution channels 
  4. Build and run dedicated Bootcamps catered to your specific Digital Transformation needs
  5. Etc …

“Get In Touch” with our Open Community for its Unmatched Expertise, Speed & Value



Your team want to test, learn and take full benefits of our bustling community to run your own outside/in « Open project », while getting “real time” connected to the latest Digital trends and dynamics within your Industry


Your Company skills & assets bring unique value to the Digital Transformation community. Your delivery is a key component of the change agent engine helping members to build the best Digital operating model


As an individual Domain expert or a practitioner in the field, you’re a Thought Leader and share on your Industry dynamics views and Digital Transformation progress within our extended active P2P network.


Digital Transformation is in your DNA (International Market Intelligence, Offering & Operating Models, Technologies).You’re an active supporter of the innovative dimensions of the sharing Economy including the Open Consulting model