An End-to-End Execution model for a successful Transformation

Our End-to-End methodology driving your Transformation

A first level of request DigiTurns had to answer is to support internal teams as they move across the transformation. A methodology, while often being perceived as a bit formal, happens to be extremely valuable to progress through a staged journey with many things to be achieved and shared. We have designed it to be very flexible, so it can be adopted at any stage of need


You need to evaluate the current situation, combining external factors and internal assets. And you need to formulate priorities across the company with all stakeholders


It’s now time of decision, as a collective process to get alignment. Once top objectives are agreed, it’s a creative stage to re-imagine digital initiatives like new offerings


You’re now bringing new ideas to life, by adopting some key innovation principles. You create a specific environment and you adopt agile methods to build prototypes


And then comes the time to launch. You’ll test and learn through fast iterations, failure is part of operational design as it will allow to find the right digital solution

Re-Imagine with our

End-to-End Digital Framework

Connect Demand to Supply to re-invent Business Models

powered by a modern Platform and skilled People

DigiTurns End-to-End (E2E) Digital Framework provides a global view across the company. It allows on one hand to understand how Lines of Business are related to specific digital challenges, like Marketing & Sales with Customers. On the other hand, it shows how Lines of Business are inter-related, not only by traditional horizontal processes but also because there are some digital dependences. It’s particularly true for IT, which is  a strategic enabler as technology is part of each Line of Business digital plan. So collaboration is a master word.

This global view allows to more easily to define priorities, and it works at any stage. It works at Thinking stage when it’s about defining the strategy and deciding on best options, and at Doing stage when it’s about building prototypes and measuring early results. This flexibility means you can engage with DigiTurns at any stage, from an initial white board or for a very specific topic as you’re executing your Transformation. In such case, DigiTurns delivers deep expertise for each Line of Business digital needs based on its Open Community model

  • Re-Engage

    Sales & Marketing

  • Re-Model


  • Re-Platform


  • Re-Skill


  • Re-Design


what we offer

Here are our services specialy designed to suit your Digital Transformation journey

Digital Strategy

Transformation starts by defining strategy to lead in the digital era, which in most cases implies to redesign business models. Key questions are about digitizing current business.

Digital Offerings

Innovation is on all agendas, new offerings need to be designed to lead in the digital era but… it’s hard. Design Thinking workshops are perfect to co-innovate between internal and external experts and to decide on best ideas.

Digital Platform

Digital Technology is the core strategic enabler of company transformation, organized around two main areas. First one is the IT team, who must master multiple new technologies to support innovation.

Digital Sales

It’s one of the most delicate digital challenge, as Sales have to answer to new disruptive customer behaviors and to absorb all company digital initiatives.

Digital Education

“Our first asset is our people”. While this often resonates as politically correct, it’s an absolute need to compete in the digital era.